Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

P2T1_TheChoice from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.
Hey everyone we are back with a new assignment that is taking place as a movie trailer. In this assignment we are going to be creating a movie trailer, that takes place in a time of change, and a wonder on what's going to happen next. As where making progress in this assignment not just the movie trailer is work we have other steps such as, the storyboard, the composition technique, and the poster board on the computer and many more that's taking place in this assignment. Any way, my movie trailer is called ''The Choice'' and it's about a spoiled girl that get's everything she want's and she gets knocked out one day by a pole and is in a new world and she has to make a choice on if she wants to go back home or stay out in town. The Choice.

To be honest there was only two big challenges. One was trying to create me and my teams movie trailer posters and the other was getting are behind the scenes photos and bloopers because we had to literally bring in our movie outfits like 3 times as we were progressing in our trailer. But I feel even though we are done with basically this whole thing and we got through it smoothly, I feel and know those were are two big challenges. But not only was there those two challenges. There was obviously a ton of success in this whole thing. So basically our success was making our trailer, making our voice audio, making time to do everything and meeting up with our team, being cooperative, and agreeing with almost everything we did in this whole assignment. So I hope that got you guys into some of me and my teams movie trailer assignment.

 Well I have good news, Me and my team won the critique and I thought we did really well. Well I just wanted to put that in there to let you guys know what the results were from this critique. Now that i told you guys what happened lets get into what I actually learned from this whole thing. In this critique I learned that this one team didn't put that much effort into this project by watching there movie trailers. In one movie trailer they were way below time and did not turn out so well considering they didn't really care about it that much. Well there wasn't that much to this critique besides that a bunch of them were good and a good amount of people did well.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

As you guys can see we are doing a Metamorphosis Animation project. In this project we are going to be doing allot of creating, movement, and editing as we move along. The program we are going to operate is {Stykz}- a program where you can create anything beyond things your thinking of. While me and my team progress through this project we are going to be doing a animation technic where it goes from one thing to another. In STYKZ we use types of animation techniques  to create stuff. Like- Cel Animation- that has to do with -Stop Motion- and Motion Graphics.

Are focus statement for this project is for me and my animation team to explain what Jeff the Shaka and Shakalette the other Shaka and how they get together. So in the beginning  Jeff is on the beach just sitting down not having anything else to do and he sees this girl Shaka  walking on the beach. Jeff thinks, she looks hot and maybe I should go up and talk to her. So he decides to turn into a animal, maybe a bull! to impress Shakalette. He walks up to here and says hey girl and Sakalette rejects Jeff. Jeff is pretty disappointed and he decides to turn back into a Shaka because he thinks Shakalette did not like what he was so he talks to her again and Shaka bette was happy that he showed who he really was and you don't need to change into something just to impress someone and you should just be yourself.

Me and my teams animation has just bin completed. Me and my team didn't get the best results but I thought we did okay. Even though we didn't get the best results, I think we tried on this project given to us. Also in are critique we didn't have all our work completed but I think it was the best we could do with what we had. I feel like next time if we get this assignment or something related to this I will have more experience to look back to from the one we did so I can do a better job and improve.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Geometric Portraits

Are facial expressions universal? Why or why not? Facial expressions are universal for many reasons. The most obvious being that you do not need to speak a different language to understand that someone is happy when they smile, or sad when they're frowning. The perfect example to support my opinion would be the world craze for Emojis! Whether you speak Japanese or Spanish, French or Portuguese, when you send someone an emoji they know immediately how you are feeling. Regardless of our ethnicity, our backgrounds, or our physical appearance, humans all share the same basic facial characters which make us universal.

We participated in a great project which helped me to support my opinions shared above. We created Low Poly Images that highlight facial features. The Low Poly process I used started with me taking a picture of myself using the "Photo Booth" app on my computer. From there I used the polygon lasso tool in Adobe Photo Shop to create details. This included making outlines on my face, inserting geometric shapes to add dimension and assigning color in the shapes to make my project more realistic. I also had to mirror my image to have 2 sides.

I learned that there were some things I found to be similar in my two Low Poly pictures, and some things I found to be different. One similarity about my Poly 1 and Poly 2 pictures were that my brother and I have many of the same physical facial features. I didn't realize how alike we look in many ways.  Another similarity I noticed in both of my Low Poly pictures was  that I had to use the same color scheme to create both of our hair colors. One thing that I found to be different between Poly 1 and Poly 2 was our skin tone. My brother has much lighter skin than I do.  Another difference about our pictures is the color of our eyes. My eyes are dark brown and more open. My brother's eyes are hazel and are more almond shaped.Overall I enjoyed doing this project while learning about facial features.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

Nature impacts our life in many ways. Research has shown that nature has a big affect on how we feel, and the way we live our life. We are so lucky to live on the island of Kauai where we get to experience nature in a ton of ways. When I am out at the beach on a sunny day, or when I play soccer, I feel good because i'm breathing fresh air, exercising and enjoying the scenery around me. Nature helps us to be happy, to be grateful, to be less stressed and it reminds us to be good caretakers of the land.

Time-Lapses and Slo-Mos are created by the way things around you work. Time-Lapses are created by the way you take it and how the nature around you is functioning, for example if you were to take a time lapse of the day changing you would have to do it at the right time and place to get a good video. Slo-Mos are created by the movement of what your talking of, for example you could be taking a video of a person running but they would have to be running at a quick pace to a good video.

The hardest part about my project was making time for my videos. Also I had a hard time making time for them and remembering when to do it. My favorite part of this project was to see how cool Time-Lapses, and Slo-Mo's can be and the way it turned out. I also liked the high quality of the video.

I agree with the work I have done and I accept the grade I got. Because this is only my first year and I'm not as knowleged as the other students. But even though i'm not as knowleged i look forward to learn things that I haven't done before and improve on it.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

Poetry is a way to express yourself. Poetry is a way to show your thoughts and share your feelings. There are many ways poetry can be personal. One way poetry is personal is when you write someone a poem that shares your feelings for them. Another way poetry is personal would be writing a poem about something that happened in your life. Many people write poems that share their beliefs or thoughts about a specific issue. Poetry is very personal, and should be read with respect for the writer.

When I step on the field, I'll score more than three goals.
If I study hard enough, I'll collect my G.L.O's
100 soccer juggles and practice every day
I want to do a back flip out at Hanalei Bay.
A mile in five minutes, draw a portrait of myself
I'll rest when I hang my sportsman badge up on the shelf.

The way I used rhythm and rhyme was, rhyming my sentences together with words and phrases. The way how I used rhythm was by the flow of words I used as I spoke, and put into my sentences.